Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot

Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot has an animal theme for its players to enjoy, and it seems this developer is fond of these beasts, having previously made use of them for their Wild Panda slots game, and once again delivering delightful graphics describing them. Panda Paradise, however, reinvents the theme, with innovative gameplay; first-rate animations and many other features available which supply a pleasing game experience. Although none of the Quick Fire games are yet available online, players who are in search of slots of similar levels of entertainment and fun are able to make a selection from a host of suitable alternatives outlined by many different websites online.

Theme for Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot

In common with the previously mentioned Wild Panda slots game, Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot combines their panda theme with a slightly Asian twist –the core elements for this game will all bring the Far East to players’ minds.

The group of slots that Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot belongs to offer players consistently good slots play, and is made up very similarly: 50 paylines are presented, and, thanks to the manner in which these interact with the available jackpots, these are fixed, and cannot be adjusted by the player. There is a choice available to the player, however, in terms of the coin values and the bets he or she wishes to assign each one of these lines, and the stakes can be tweaked until every bettor has found the ante he or she prefers.

The highlight for Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot is undoubtedly the jackpot prize, and the range as a whole is able to deliver some of the biggest wins land-based casinos have available. There are four different jackpots available:

  1. The mini jackpot, which offers players a modest 10
  2. The minor jackpot, standing at 40
  3. The major jackpot which weighs in at 200
  4. The grand jackpot, able to award players 2 250

Thanks to the fact that all players have an equal crack at taking any one of these home, and betting stakes do not have any influence on who wins, this game is proving mighty popular in the brick-and-mortar casinos where it is based.

Features and Bonuses for Panda Paradise Quick Fire

The first feature players will be able to spot when sitting down to play Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot is the wild, represented in this game by the symbol of a dollar. The wild is, happily, able to appear stacked, and it appears very often, landing after almost every spin of the reels. The scatter icon, a yin yang symbol, is able to award players with free spins, and there is an aptly-named sticky stack feature available for players too: a stack of wild symbols will lock into place and remain fixed for the next spin. This allows for some very significant wins to be racked up quite quickly, and is one of the most popular elements for the game.